De Palma

De Palma
Wed 28th September 7.30pm @ ICA, London

Brian de Palma made so many great films Snake Eyes, Carlito’s Way, The Untouchables, Scarface, Blow Out, Carrie and the list goes on.

Come join us at the ICA bar from an hour before the screening. We’ll have fun chatting over a few drinks for sure.

De Palma is an illuminating documentary that concentrates on his work, disarmingly acknowledging his Hitchcockian influences with clips from Obsession and other films. While De Palma admits that happenstance is what largely governs his and indeed most directors’ work—Baumbach and Paltrow being cases in point—some of his juicier observations here concern the actors he’s worked with: Orson Welles forgetting his lines, Cliff Robertson’s perma-tanned arrogance, Sean Penn tormenting Michael J. Fox, and his great discovery, Robert de Niro, conniving to bump up his fee. Riveting from start to finish.

De Palma poster

Check out the UK trailer here.

Want to join us? To sign up for this screening and a link to purchase cinema ticket(s) online, please visit our Meetup page here.

Films in the City – Short films screening (submissions open)

Films in the City
Thurs 13th October 7pm, London

Many of the greatest movie makers started from short films. Here there is little conforming or pressures to play it safe. Here you will find passion for the art of filmmaking in its truest sense.

Come join us for an evening of the highest quality short films we could find with an Audience Award for Best Film on the Night.

Films in the City films for 13 Oct 2016

Above is a montage of just some of the films to be screened

Many of the filmmakers will be present for a Q&A.

Winner of a past Films in the City event

Winner of a past Films in the City event

The venue is Deloitte Auditorium, 2 New Street Square, EC4A 3BZ (map)

Drinks severed throughout the evening. It’s a marvellous theatre with all leather seating and its own dedicated projector room.

This event supports the charties Alzheimer’s Society.

It’s going to be a memorable evening, don’t miss out.

Want to attend? Full price is £7.50, Purchase your discounted ticket(s) now while it lasts:

Price Qty*
Films in the City ticket £4.00 (GBP)  


Drinks with Filmmakers and Actors – Non-Multiplex Cinema Meet-up

Hope you’ve had the chance to have a great summer holiday or break. It feels like the new season in filmmaking is upon us so why not get out there and meet other filmmakers and actors and start new projects together?

Whether you’re a writer, investor, filmmaker, actor, producer, crew, SFX, VFX, post production or anyone connected with making films, all invited.

This is a wonderful networking event, the venue has a nice atmosphere and we have our own bar to ourselves.

Come join us at Non-Multiplex Cinema Meet-up @ Planet Hollywood, London on Thursday 1st September 2016 from 6.30pm.


Planet Hollywood London
57-60 Haymarket


Nearest Stations
Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Charring Cross.

With this gorgeous venue having plenthy of movie memorbilia, you’ll feel right at home. We have our own bar for the evening serving alcohol, soft drinks and some great cocktails. And there is a restaurant within the building if you are feeling a little bit peckish.

Feel free to bring business cards, CVs etc. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and you never know who you might meet that could make a big difference.

Full price is just £3. Book your place(s) here for a discounted price:

Any queries, email

Non-Multiplex Cinema + Post Cannes Meet-up

Want to attend an event to take you down from the chaos and mayhem of the Cannes Film Festival or didn’t go and want to attend a film industry networking event to meet exciting talent? Then Non-Multiplex Cinema Meet-up @ Planet Hollywood, London is the place to be on Tuesday 7th June 2016 from 6.30pm.


Planet Hollywood London
57-60 Haymarket


Nearest Stations
Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Charring Cross.

With this gorgeous venue having plenthy of movie memorbilia, you’ll feel right at home. We have our own bar for the evening serving alcohol, soft drinks and some great cocktails. And there is a restaurant within the building if you are feeling a little bit peckish.

Feel free to bring business cards, CVs etc. Filmmaking is a collaborative process and you never know who you might meet that could make a big difference.

Full price is £6. Book your place(s) here for a discounted price:

Films in the City – Short films screening

Thursday 23rd June @ 7.30pm, London EC4A

We think we’ve found the most amazing short films for you to watch. Here is a montage of just some of them, more to follow…

The venue is Deloitte Auditorium, 2 New Street Square, EC4A 3BZ (map)

Features leather seats, dedicated projector room, come watch the films in style. As well as the award for best short, there will be Q&As with the cast/crew from the films, networking before and after in the breakout area. Drinks and beverages served throughout the evening.

This event supports the charties Alzheimer’s Society and Prostate Cancer UK.

It’s going to be a memorable evening, don’t miss out.

Want to attend? Full price is £7.50, Purchase your discounted ticket(s) now:


The Move to Feature Films – Film Means Business panel and networking


presents the next:

panel & networking:

For those looking to make a fully funded feature

hosted by:

when: Monday 11th April 2016, 7.00pm
for 7.30pm start (9.30pm finish)


Deloitte Auditorium, 2 New Street Square, London. EC4A 3BZ

itinerary: interview and Q&A followed by

 Michael Axelgaard
Michael Axelgaard – Managing Director of Indie Capital

Michael’s background is in banking, where he managed investments and arranged financing for structured debt and equity deals at ING Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He also produced and managed the fundraise and investment realisation of the Hollow Pictures EIS, a special purpose vehicle created to finance the independent film Hollow. Hollow was nominated for a British Independent Film Award and distributed by Tribeca film, and the film generated both strong investment returns and tax benefits for investors. On the back of this success, Michael is launching a new media production company called Indie Capital, which will produce a portfolio of independent films, television, and digital content. Indie Capital’s team includes producers behind Oscar-winning independent films from the UK and investment managers who have a track record of making investors money. The goal of Indie Capital is to combine a strong creative pipeline with a rigorous financial approach and to promote UK independent media content to the world.
Mike Storey

Mike Storey – Head of Marketing at Scoop Films

Mike is Head of Marketing at Scoop Films and runs mouseclix, a marketing consultancy working with filmmakers on the marketing, promotion and distribution of their films throughout the full filmmaking timeline. For Scoop’s The Beat Beneath My Feet that journey included festival premieres at Raindance (Best UK Feature nominated) and at Berlinale (Crystal Bear nominated) and 10 other festivals around the world, a self distributed UK release through Picturehouses and mid 2016 North American release. He is a passionate advocate of filmmakers working with marketeers from an early stage in order to understand their audience and to position and steer the creative process towards a commercial conclusion.

Jeremy Wooding
Jeremy Wooding – Director/Producer

Jeremy is a director with stylish storytelling and genre-bending cinematic sensibility has meant that he has been involved at the cutting edge of independent film and televison work.
Coming out of the London short film making scene of the late 90’s, his films range from vampire short SOUL PATROL (starring Sadie Frost) to British Bollywood feature film BOLLYWOOD QUEEN (starring James MacAvoy), feature film football comedy, THE MAGNIFICENT ELEVEN (starring Keith Allen and Robert Vaughn) and the western-horror feature BLOOD MOON (starring Shaun Dooley, George Blagden, Anna Skellern)Jeremy telvision work includes co-creating and directing the multi-award-winning programmes PEEP SHOW (C4), DERREN BROWN (C4) and THE RESTAURANT (BBC). His TV comedy series THE LEGEND OF DICK AND DOM (BBC) received a Childrens’ BAFTA nomination.
Andy Isaac
Andy Isaac
Managing Director of Notting Hill Movies and charity Guardians Help
After years travelling the globe working in UK and overseas on film and theatre productions in the early nineties, Andy returned to Uk to settle and started the Film Exchange, a concept of people exchanging talents to make better films. He produced eight features and over 100 shorts, often without credit, directed and wrote as well as started with Charles Thompson the Screen Nation awards and then the Notting Hill Film Festival to promote UK based filmmakers. Currently working on five features he has written and filming a series of twenty-five short films he wrote to direct with twenty-five different DoP’s for a special cinematography section of the festival and in talks to have help screen the festival around the world. All from a short film.

Organised by Julian Bushell. Hosted by:

Michael Aston
Michael Aston
– Executive Producer at EQ FilmsMichael is a professional actor, presenter and film producer with experience in films, TV, theatre, corporate videos, management training and role playing. Some of the recent feature films Michael appears in are‘Evil Never Dies / ‘The Haunting of Harry Payne;‘White Collar Hooligans3’ and ‘Reflex’. As an executive producer for EQ Films Ltd; he is currently working on a slate of exciting TV projects and feature films ‘Vampires of Hollywood’ (Malcolm McDowall , Daryl Hannah), ‘Cutter’ (Jason Flemyng). Michael enjoys his acting as much as his producing. He is multi-skilled and able to combine sound business management and commercial expertise with his artistic talent as an actor. He comes from a professional management consultancy background and having previously served in the military is a trained cavalryman, and is still a keen horseman.

Early bird discounted tickets at £12.50
each (full price £
20) for a limited period.

To Book Online go here

Films in the City – The films and the winners

I couldn’t agree more with the quote from one of our members from Non-Multiplex Cinemageors Group meetup, “Fantastic! A really great selection of films. A mix of brilliant storytelling, cool concepts and some stunning cinematography. Very impressive!”.

The evening took place on the 1st March 2016 in London, expertly hosted by Arazou Baker. Short films screened included…

Red River directed by Emma Lindley, Table Manners directed by Rebecca Manley

Surgery directed by Clemens Bros, Bouquet directed by Guen Murroni, Be Now directed by Graham Atkins-Hughes

+ Night Shift directed by Richard Higson

And the winner…

Non-Multiplex Cinema Best Film

Receiving the Non-Multiplex Cinema Award for Best Short Film director Emma Lindley and actress Nikhita Mani for “Red River”.

Until next time,

Julian Bushell
(Non-Multiplex Cinema)

Blur the line – between workshop and production

Blur the Line is an acting and filmmaking workshop that punches way beyond its weight until lines between this and a real production are blurred. We help to gather talented people together in a friendly, experimental environment to learn from each other and to produce hopefully great quality film scenes.We use a plethora of some of the best cinematic equipment and try to film at locations that suit and raise production values. Then once filming is over, the clips are edited, sound designed and graded. It’s a thrill when you get to see it back. It’s then available for your showreel or for educational purposes etc. Plus credits are available. Email Non-Multiplex Cinema's workshop email addressThe workshops are free. There is a suggested donation of £5 to attend if you are an actor or director. All proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Society. Free for crew.3rd July 2016

This Sunday 3rd July during the day, we are priviledged to have
permission to film at a shopping centre location in South East London.
We are workshopping an exciting, original story that has drama, action,
thriller elements and more.
The process began with script, storyboard (a few of the cells shown above),
then a rehearsal with the actors. We started filming a portion in the
workshops last week (see some of the screenshots below) and this Sunday
we are continuing.
It’s amazing with such a small crew that last week we managed to
capture, I think, some cool shots and performances.This is a shout out for crew this Sunday. Director of photography, camera operators, camera asistants, gaffer, grip, set designer, runners

Free food and drinks provided during the workshops.

Interested in taking part for free? Email to receive script, storyboard, location details etc.
Non-Multiplex Cinema's workshop email address

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Films in the City – short film screening event


After the blazing success of our last short film screening event last July, the 1st of March is going to be something you might want to mark your calendar for because taking place will be “Films in the City” short film screening and network evening with audience judged ‘award for best short film on the night’.

Above are some of the screenshots from the films to be screened. It’s an exciting line-up of quality short films.

The venue will be at the Deloitte Auditorium, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ. With two hundred all leather seats and a dedicated projector room, watch your film in style. As well as the prize for best short, there will be Q&As with the cast/crew for each film.

Book your ticket(s) now whilst ticket prices are just half price here:

Tickets currently discounted, full price £10.

Problems booking? Email

Make Film – a film industry panel event to inspire (London)

Julian Bushell & Noel Wilson present:


organised in collaboration with Non-Multiplex Cinema

Host: Scott Norveil

When: Thursday 10th December 2015, 7.30pm
Where: Deloitte Auditoirum, 2 New St Square, London EC4A 3BZ (map)
Itinerary: Networking, panel and Q&A

Tickets currently discounted at £7 each (full price £10).

Make Film is an exciting panel and networking event organised by Non-Multiplex Cinema. The topic for discussion for this event is on the casting process. Whether you are an actor wanting to know the inside story of getting those bigger roles or a filmmaker wishing to find actors for your film, not only right for the part but also to help raise the profile for financing or sales. We have Casting Networks on the panel as well as experienced actors, all coming from a diverse knowledge in the film industry, ready to impact you with knowledge and hopefully inspire you to go out to be part of and make successful films.

The Panellists

 Luke Brady
Luke Brady
(Casting/Writer/Director) Luke studied SFX at London’s South Bank University then carved his technical expertise in a busy London Post Production house. He then managed a highly successful casting studio for renowned Casting Director Nina Gold (Game of Thrones, The Kings Speech, Star Wars), where he worked alongside high profile clients including Oscar winning Writers & Directors as well as some of the finest emerging and established talent. Luke currently manages the UK office for an international software company called Casting Networks providing online tools for Casting Directors and filmmakers.Throughout the 15 years of his career Luke has worked on a numerous projects. He has completed several short films, music videos and promos as well as his debut feature film titled ‘Young, High and Dead’ (2013). Luke is currently working on a web series for Eli Roth’s titled ‘The HighridgeMassacre’.
 Jonathan Hansler
Jonathan Hansler (Actor/Writer/Comedian)
Jonathan’s movie “Axed” in which he starred was picked up by Lionsgate, EOne and Fangoria and was sold to over 35 territories worldwide. The BAFTA winning film director Vadim Jean directed him as Peter Cook in his hit play about dead comedians in London’s West End He played Josef Mengele opposite Kerry Shale as Eichmann in “Incognito” which plays at the Portobello Film Festival in London, shot a scene opposite Coronation Streets Eva Pope as a Dorset doctor in the TV pilot “Deep Cuts” and played an evil ghostly Prussian General in the film “Automata” written by Sarah Daly and directed by Lawrie Brewster producer and writer of Malcolm Mcdowell and Lance Henrikssons last movie. He has worked with theatre companies such as Hull Truck and TV such as “My Family” and “Hotel Babylon”. He plays Basil Fawlty in Dinner Theatre. Recent work includes “The Search For Simon” with Monty Pythons Carol Cleveland,Dr Who’s Sophie Aldred, Sylvester Radogast McCoy’s assistant (Sylvester who he worked with in the play “Decline and Fall”and Chase Masterson (Star Trek DS9), and on the softer side co-starred in the romantic comedy “I know What I’m Doing” with Emily Bergl (Desperate Housewives/The Mentalist). In 2011 he was nominated for Best Actor at Londons Off West End Awards.
 Vanessa Bailey
Vanessa Bailey (Actor/Writer/Producer)
Vanessa has recently appeared as Midwife Sarah in EastEnders and will appear in a second episode in December. Other credits include Southcliffe, Doctors and The Sarah Jane Adventures. She has also appeared in numerous independent short and feature films.
She is currently crowdfunding her first short film as writer and producer -Three Days, which will shoot in the New Year. She is also working on a co-written feature film. She has set up and run five crowdfunds, three on Indiegogo and two on Kickstarter.
Vanessa is the Senior Festival Co-ordinator for The London Screenwriters’ Festival, the largest professional screenwriters’ festival in the world.